I love a good hike!  In my hometown of Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas, there are tons of great trails to explore. My favorite when I’ve only got an hour or two is to go to Gulpha Gorge and hike up to Goat Rock.  It’s a short easy hike with a great view for the payoff.

If I’ve got a bit more time, I take my friend Art Jackson, and as many other friends as we can find, and we set off for Balanced Rock.  The first 1/4 mile is not for the faint of heart.  Pretty steep (walkable steep).  The hike takes 45 minutes or so each way and is definitely a great example of what the Foothills of the Ozarks are like.  The final destination yields a beautiful view and it’s smack dab in the middle of an energy vortex!  I love it!

Me Singing at Goat Rock!

Geodesic Domes…

Actually, I’m into ANY kind of domes.  Geodesic, Trapezius, Monolithic… I love them all.  This “wigged out” infatuation all started for me when I was about 10 years old and I discovered the world of Buckminster Fuller (affectionately known as Bucky).  The man was a genius and he inspired millions of people the world over.  He was an inventor, artist, designer, builder, visionary, and so much more.

He’s known for a lot of things, but to me he’s most famous for inventing the modern design of the Geodesic Dome.  I’ll be adding pics, showing a few of my own designs, and letting you know what it is about domes that’s so appealing.  It’s a BIG list!



I got a lot of experience with this from the time I was very young.  My family often had a garden, and when we did, I always thought it was too big!  Ha!  My sisters and I have planted, hoe’d, weeded, harvested, cleaned, and canned our respective booty’s off!  Although it didn’t seem like enjoyment back then, I’ve since learned a lot. 

Over the years Nancy and I haven’t really had the ability to have a garden because of living in rent houses.  Now we own a home and we’re going to renew our gardening chops!  I’ve built a small 1/2 DOME greenhouse in the back yard and we’ve planted our first veggies.  We’ll be playing catch up for a while, but whatever we’re able to successfully grow this year will be putting a huge smile on my face!