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A house concert means you get to have Roy at a greatly reduced cost right in your living room singing to you, your family and your friends for a private show. It’s a way to not only connect with the artist, but to share in stories, conversations, laughter and occasionally a few tears, in a very personal way.  Anyone who knows Roy knows of his spirit and love of people. If you think you feel this in his concerts of thousands just wait till you have an intimate show with him in your own home. For Roy, whether its 10,000 people or 1 person, it makes no difference.

Roy offers these as a special gift to fans on occasion if he’s in an area for a larger show and has extra time. He LOVES doing them!  Occasionally he will also offer a House Concert Tour in an area.


It’s inexpensive and easy to do.

Have Roy in an intimate setting just for you and your guests.

You’ll laugh (a lot) you’ll cry, you’ll sing along.

Your friends & family will love you for it.

You’ll gain a memory that lasts forever.



  • His own sound system and gear (stands & cables), if he’s driving in.
  • CD’s for sale.
  • Pdf flyers if desired as mentioned earlier.  (Host adds date, time, address etc. and prints or emails them.)
  • Photo opportunities, autographs and an experience to remember!



The concert takes place in a home, apartment, backyard, rec room or other area on one’s personal property.


House concerts can be done any time and day Roy has available.  The host is responsible for one nights stay either in their own home or a mid-ranged hotel.


Decisions around who is invited, and how many guests will attend is entirely up to the host. (Typical sizes range from 10 to 40 people.  (A much large audience should be negotiated as a normal show.)  We can provide a printable pdf flyer to which the host can add time and date to if desired. Media photos and bio are also available.


Roy is highly allergic to all types of smoke so unfortunately can only do non-smoking events. (His throat will swell and he’ can’t talk much less sing.) If the show is inside, it must be a smoke-free home.


The show last night was amazing. It will be a cherished memory, but an experience we hope to have again. We love “your” songs as well as the JD songs. You are truly blessed with your voice and talent as a performer.
– The Bryants

What a magical night! Roy stayed around for a couple of hours after the show to visit with our family. He is such a kind and friendly guy. We may just make this an annual event!
– The Wheelocks

My wife and I enjoyed having Roy and hosting the show so very much! He was so gracious and kind to us. His evident talent, yet down to earth demeanor really struck a chord with our audience of family and friends. He freely and generously gave of himself to provide a purposeful, high energy show that was meaningful, heartfelt, and a very fine, warm tribute to John Denver, honoring his music and his legacy! We enjoyed too, Roy sharing with us many of his own compositions and his stories from the road!
– The Whites


Send us an email below if you are interested or would like more information!