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I LOVE my Boulder Creek guitars. I was visiting one of my friends here in Hot Springs at his music store. I had been looking for a Guild Jumbo guitar, and since he deals in used and often vintage instruments, I would stop in to see him every month or two. I was perusing his guitar wall, when he told me to pick up a new Boulder Creek guitar and give him an opinion.

I’m not that into dreadnought body styles, and this guitar was a dreadnought, but I grabbed it and sat down on the stool. From the moment I picked it up, there was something special about it. He told me about the new kind of bracing, the soundport, the more precise tuners, but all I was noticing was the sound and the feel of the instrument. I liked it.

My friend sent me home with a Boulder Creek catalog, which I immediately read, and then went straight to their website and read the whole thing. From there I went back to the store, three more times in the next couple of days. I was so impressed that I decided I wanted one. I called them straight up and told them about how great I thought their instruments were, and they’d got a new devotee in me! They talked to me with respect and answered my questions, and un-beknownst to me, they did a little checking out ME on their own.

We ended up becoming fast friends and somehow they liked me enough to offer an endorsement sponsorship. I was both floored, and thrilled at the same time. Since then, I’ve become an owner of these three guitars you see in the pic, plus I even picked up a Boulder Creek 5-string acoustic/electric bass for my studio. Every one of these instruments are just sweet. There’s a reason these instruments are being picked up and played by major label bands. Mine have been rock-solid for touring and continuous playing. I’ve put MANY miles on mine.

You need to visit their website and find out about these great guitars. They’re affordable, have excellent build quality, they literally sing when you play them, which makes for the perfect mood to “create” with these guitars. Before I was ever offered an endorsement, I was going to have these guitars in my life. They’re that good! Click on the link below to visit their website. Find out where to buy them, and get your hands on one of them. That’s all it takes. You’ll see!

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